Retrouvez ici quelques actualités de l'IA sur le plateau de Saclay, nos rendez-vous, et quelques vidéos de nos événements publics (séminaires, etc.)

Find here some Saclay AI news, our meetings and some public video footages of our researchers

October-November 2021

C. Labreuche (Thales R&T, SINCLAIR) is a keynote speaker at the 7th International Conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory
N. Bousquet (EDF R&D, SINCLAIR) is a keynote speaker at the Saclay Research & Innovation Day

September 2021

Follow some talks of SINCLAIR researchers at ENBIS-21 Online Conference:

ShapKit: a Python module dedicated to local explanation of machine learning models
V. Thouvenot

Calibrating Prediction Intervals for Gaussian Processes using Cross-Validation method
N. Acharki

Causal Rules Extraction in Time Series Data
A. Dhaou

Statistical analysis of simulation experiments: Challenges for industrial applications
B. Iooss

July 2021
Internal SINCLAIR Workshop at EDF Lab Saclay

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The following topics offers a panorama of current research: