Robust Prediction Interval Estimation for Gaussian Processes By Cross-Validation Method
N. Acharki, A. Bertoncello, J. Garnier
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TS-GLR: an Adaptive Thompson Sampling for the Switching Multi-Armed Bandit Problem
R. Alami, O. Azizi
submitted (2021)

Permutation Feature Importance for Global Interpretability of Machine Learning Models
V. Thouvenot
submitted (2021)

Associated package ShapKit

Deep Surrogate for Direct Time Fluid Dynamics
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C. Labreuche
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Sample selection from a given dataset to validate machine learning models
B. Iooss
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M. Il Idrissi, V. Chabridon, B. Iooss
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Associated package review_l2tse

Mesures d'importance relative par décomposition de la performance de modèles de régression
M. Il Idrissi, B. Iooss, V. Chabridon
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The Future of Sensitivity Analysis: An Essential Discipline for Systems Modeling and Policy Support
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